Happiness Happens Month

two senior women laughing together

Every person deserves to be happy. Did you know happiness could be contagious? The more happy people there are, the more likely they are to inspire others to find happiness. We owe it to ourselves and society to work on our own happiness!

Try these four simple steps:

  1. Ready Yourself For Happiness. Part of being happy is wanting to be happy. Once you have committed yourself to the course of finding happiness, then you must rid yourself of the notion that happiness is based on luck, possessions, or lifestyle. No person or material thing can make you totally happy… happiness comes from within.
  2. Envision Yourself As Happy. Every day when you first wake up, and then at various points throughout the day, spend some time envisioning yourself as a happy person. Imagine yourself laughing, smiling, and relaxing. The more your mind believes you’re happy, positive, and optimistic, the easier it will be for you to become truly happy.
  3. Assume You Will Be Happy. We have all seen people who seem to be genuinely happy with their lives. They smile frequently, laugh often, and seem to be in good humor most of the time. Yet this is not because they are richer or more successful, but often these people have simply chosen that they will be happy and they recognize that there is always something about their lives that makes them happy.
  4. Pursue Your Happiness. Think about what currently makes you happy? Maybe it is a childhood or lifelong hobby or activity. If so, make time to rekindle that hobby. Or perhaps its certain family and friends that really make you happier? If they live far away, call, video chat, or write an email or letter to let them know how much joy they bring to you. If they live close by, schedule a regular visit or invite them to attend an upcoming event with you. The more time you spend actively living your life, the more likely happiness happens.
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