Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day is January 11!

Photo of Man's finger placed on Morse Code Machine tapping

Code fanatics and history buffs know that Morse code is a method of telecommunication used to encode messages in a sequence called dashes and dots — or dits and dahs — which sound like long and short beeps.

Morse code is named for its creator Samuel Morse in the 1830s, and became pivotal during the World Wars when Morse code was used between warships and naval bases. Even today the U.S. military still trains a number of its recruits on this communication system.

Morse code facts:

  • There is an International Morse Code based on the Latin alphabet.
  • Each character in Morse code is represented by a unique sequence of dots and dashes.
  • Three dots followed by a dash stands for “V” which means victory in Morse code, and sounds like the main theme for Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (dit, dit, dit, dah!)
  • Like a spoken language Morse code is a form of communication that can be heard or seen.

Learn more about Morse code and look up the complete coded alphabet of dots and dashes online today!

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