Pulmonary Care

At Springfield Nursing and Rehab, we specialize in pulmonary care and the recovery of a respiratory illnesses. Our facility uses air purification systems such as Novearus to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria from respiratory infections. Cleaner air means healthier patients and because you have entrusted us with yours, that is our promise to you! We currently have an average length of stay at 12 days for short-term pulmonary patients and a 0% return to hospital rate in a 30- day window, which makes us a great community partner. Not only is our facility the only one in the area with a 4 star overall and 5 star quality measures, but we also were deemed deficiency free on last year’s state survey, which makes us #1 in our area. To schedule a tour call 859-481-4586 or 859-336-7771

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