What is Tai Chi?

It can be hard to fit exercise into your daily routine, but simple exercises such as tai chi can be both beneficial to your health and easy to do.

Tai chi, pronounced tī-chē, is a low intensity exercise that promotes flexibility and balance. The joints are often where aches and pains first begin and because tai chi isn’t a high impact exercise, the joints health and function are protected.

The history stems from Chinese legend. Over 800 years ago, Zhang Sanfeng had a dream of a crane and a snake in battle. As the battle went on neither one could gain the upper hand. This stalemate intrigued him. From this dream, he created the 13 postures of tai chi to represent the techniques of the creatures.

Tai chi employs slow tempo maneuvers, distributing weight between each limb; to enhance one’s balance and strengthen the limbs. It is designed to relieve tension and stress. As a result of this exercise, the brain receives more oxygenated blood as you breathe, thus making you feel calmer.

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