August is Sandwich Month

July 31, 2020 — No matter how you slice it, everyone seems to have a favorite sandwich. In a month known for its “dog-days” and heat, a sandwich may provide just the meal you prefer. They’re low fuss, yet can be quick and nutritious, and most require no cooking. A sandwich by definition includes one or more pieces of... Read More

Sons and Daughters Day – August 11

July 31, 2020 — The best gift you can give your sons and daughters is time. This is an excellent day to let your children know how glad you are to be a part of their lives, hear the events of their days and share family stories. The origins of the day are unknown, however, it has been celebrated... Read More

Therapy Team

July 5, 2020 — Our Therapy team is #1 in stroke recovery! Many patients who have suffered from a stroke have difficulty swallowing, walking and even performing daily tasks they were able to do prior to their hospitalization. Our stroke recovery program is designed to help restore the patients functioning at 100% while maintaining a comfortable stay here at... Read More

Employee of the Month

July 5, 2020 — Congratulations to Courtney Chesser, June employee of the month. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do for our residents. You are truly a blessing.

Activity Highlights

July 5, 2020 — SNRC hosted a parade around the facility to help lift patients and family’s spirits during this difficult time. We want to thank everyone who attended and made this event possible for our residents. Senior Spotlight… Unfortunately, Highschool Seniors around the Country had to celebrate graduating different this year. Among our staff we have 2 high... Read More

July 30th is International Day of Friendship: Happy Friendships

July 4, 2020 — As the saying goes, when you’re happy, the whole world smiles with you. This means when we’re outwardly happy, positive, and upbeat, we may help to improve the moods and relationships of those around us. By listening, we make the other person feel important. Are we always talking about our own life, or do we... Read More

Simple Creative Twists to Tasty Summertime Staples

July 4, 2020 — At almost every cookout, picnic, and party during the summer you’ll find at least two commonplace food items: the hamburger and hotdog. If you look more closely, you might notice the traditional toppings of mustard, ketchup, cheese or relish – but rarely anything else. If you’re tired of the same old, boring burger or hot... Read More

Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness

July 4, 2020 — Stay Cool Wear Appropriate Clothing: Choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. Stay Cool Indoors: Stay in an air-conditioned place as much as possible. Even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler when you go back into the heat. Taking a cool shower or bath or moving to an air-conditioned place... Read More

Activity Highlights

June 1, 2020 — May was a busy month here at SNRC! We celebrated our Nurses, for National Nurses Week with Homemade Waffles and Whip cream, made by our very own Gayle Worthington. They were delicious. We also showered our mothers with love for Mother’s Day! They enjoyed homemade fudge brownies with ice cream. Yum! Lastly, we ended the... Read More

Father’s Day: June 21

May 31, 2020 — On Sunday, June 21, say “Happy Father’s Day” to all of the fathers in your life! Thank you, fathers, for all of your loving support and silly dad jokes. While the origin of the term “dad joke” is unknown, dad jokes are easily identified as being overly-simplistic and intended to provoke an exasperated reaction. A... Read More