What is Palliative Care?

August 25, 2017 — Palliative Care is a program designed to prevent and manage symptoms and side effects related to various illnesses. The goal of Springfield Nursing and Rehab’s program is to help people feel better by providing emotional, social, and spiritual guidance, in addition to symptom management. Palliative Care is offered to people with: Cancer Kidney Failure Heart... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

August 25, 2017 — Dear residents and families I am excited to announce the results of our 2017 annual recertification survey. Every year hospitals and nursing homes are required to go through an inspection process to ensure that healthcare providers are meeting the minimal standards set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This year Springfield Nursing... Read More

Happy Birthday!

August 25, 2017 — Mary V. September 02 Gladys L. September 07 Gordon W. September 13 Ronnie H. September 25 Charles B. September 29 Mary W. September 30

Upcoming events

August 25, 2017 — September 4th – Happy Labor Day September 8th – International Literacy Day September 10th – Grandparents Day September 11th – Patriots Day September 12th – Chocolate Milk Shake Day September 15th – Make a Hat Day September 18th – National Cheeseburger Day September 19th – Talk like a Pirate Day September 22nd – Business Women’s... Read More

Watermelon: An Ingredient For Skin Care

August 18, 2017 — Watermelon is widely used as massage oil, baby oil, facials, face creams, salt scrubs, shower bath as well as hair oil: Works as a Exfoliate – Mash a cup of watermelon chunks and then apply this paste on your face. Find a place to relax for 10 minutes. Rinse it later. It is a process... Read More

Walking Meditation: A Simple Way To Meditate Almost Any Time

August 18, 2017 — Most Westerners think of meditation as someone sitting down cross-legged with their eyes closed and probably chanting some kind of mantra over and over again, but that is only one of the ways that people can practice meditation. Meditating can also be performed standing up, lying down or walking. In walking meditation, the walking itself... Read More

Welcome Dr. Wells

August 15, 2017 — Springfield Nursing and Rehabilitation salutes Dr. Brian Wells, Medical Director Dr. Wells comes to SNRC with 34+ years of experience. He is a Family Physician from the Springfield Community. He is well versed in dealing with acute and chronic illnesses of the elderly. Dr. Wells has extensive training in Gerontology and is onsite seeing patients... Read More