Popcorn Mix-In Ideas: National Popcorn Day is January 21

Whether you like popcorn plain, with cheese, or classic theatre-style with melted butter—today is a great day to try something new! Here are some quick and easy mix-in ideas to try the next time you pop those hot, fluffy kernels.

  • If you like peanut butter… mix in a small bag of Reeses Pieces into your fresh, hot popcorn.
  • If you like chocolate… mix in a cup of mini chocolate chips or a small bag of M&Ms.
  • If you like spicy… add a dash of cayenne pepper or add in spicy nuts or wasabi peas.
  • If you like fruit… add a cup of dried mixed fruit (ie: raisins, bananas, kiwi, or apricots).
  • If you like cheese… shake in some grated Parmesan cheese.
  • If you like nuts… add in your favorite nuts or mixed nuts (ie: honey roasted peanuts, cashews, or walnuts).
  • If you like seasoning… shake in some garlic powder or black pepper, Italian or taco seasoning.
  • If you don’t mind sticky fingers… melt in some mini marshmallows or drizzle in a couple of tablespoons of honey.
  • If you want sweet and savory… add chocolate and nuts together.
  • If you want savory spice… add a dash of garlic powder to some Parmesan cheese.

Or maybe add salt and sugar to the popping process to make kettle corn? Mix and match to make your own favorite flavor combination and enjoy!

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